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Border Collies

The Breed

Border Collies are a working breed. They are active and extremely intelligent, in fact they top the list as the world's smartest dog breed. So border collies are suited to committed and active owners. They are great family pets as long as they are getting daily exercise and stimulation. 

Border Collies were developed to herd sheep, their name comes from the location where they were developed on the border of Scotland and England. To do this job they had to be fast, agile and respond to complex commands from a distance.

Rosie and Parker get an hour of off lead exercise in the morning. They are then pretty happy to curl up next to my desk and sleep when I’m doing work at home. They would however likely develop some destructive behaviours if they didn’t get that daily exercise, stimulation and energy release.


They need to be socialised as soon as possible with new dogs and people. I would suggest enrolling in a puppy preschool as soon as you get your puppy. Rosie also did a juvenile dog obedience course as well as puppy preschool.

Border Collies like all breeds need to be socialised as puppies so they are confident and social out in public.

Male or Female Puppy? 

Once you have decided that a Border Collie would suit your family and lifestyle then the next decision is whether to get a male or female puppy. 

I have had both male and female Border Collies over the years and in general males are more affectionate and cuddly. Females can be independent at times, but can also be just as cuddly as a male. Ultimately each puppy has their own characteristics and temperament no matter what sex they are, these are just generalisations. 

I would suggest getting your male or female puppy desexed at 6 months old - to ensure these problems don't develop. Generally desexed animals are more mellow and have less moodiness and problem behaviours associated with hormone changes.


This is me age 10 on our family property I grew up on. We always had Border Collies growing up so I've had a long time love of the breed. 

Me age 5 with my first Border Collie "Storm"

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