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Eryjor Matila Rose


DOB 29.11.14

Rosie is a beautiful red and white female. Rosie's dad is a black and white border collie and her mum is red and white. Rosie is a petit girl at only 15kg, she has a gorgeous long soft coat and full dark pigment on her nose and eyes. 

She is a medium/high energy dog that enjoys ball games and a daily walk/run. Being highly intelligent Rosie requires daily exercise and stimulation, which she gains threw ball games and daily training. She picks up commands very quickly, and enjoys learning new things. 


Rosie is a sweet girl, that loves a scratch under the chin. She is well socialised as she use to come to work with me in my job for in pet nutrition and would interact with dozens of new people and dogs every day.

Rosie has been genetically tested and is clear of all common border collie hereditary diseases.

Rosie has been tested and is clear of the following diseases: 

Primary Lens Luxation 

Collie Eye Anomaly/Choroidal Hypoplasia (CEA)

Degenerative Myelopathy
Ivermectin sensitivity MDR1
Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (NCL)
Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome (TNS)

Cobalamin Malabsorption Cubilin Def


Rosie has been genetically tested and has the following traits: 

ee, at/at, DD, KK and Bb.

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